Six Types of Casino Players: Which One are You?

Written by Egbert Galvin

Casinos across the globe are filled with all types of players with varying characters. You can find a casual player who visits an online casino as a pastime, one who plays poker for a living and those placing bets like there’s no tomorrow. Every poker player portrays a kind of personality. Check out the following to know which poker player you are:

Master Gamer

These players are those who set a budget and stick to it. They play with a specific goal in mind and work hard to reach it. Master gamers have the patience to get what they are aiming for. They have pre-determined how much they will cash out at. They stay on their path with the strong determination to get the best results.

Fun Chaser

These are online casino players who visit casino websites for fun. They depend purely on their instinct and expect a huge win after each spin. For them, gambling online is about exploring options, without stopping until they lose their adrenaline.


Rather than playing in online casinos for the excitement or goal, these players find slot playing an excellent way to relax from their daily stress. They take advantage of the graphics and soundtracks to be distracted. They spin the wheels comfortably and enjoy their time.


Just like the relaxer type of casino player, the loner likes to relax on their own. However, the latter use online gambling as a way to be alone. They avoid playing casino games with chat windows. They want to immerse themselves somewhere far away from the crowd. With slots, players can become an introvert and stay away from any social interaction at least temporarily.

The Pro

Online casino professionals have deep pockets and plenty of time for their cause. They have become fixed in the zone, picking casino games with lots of bonus features and free spins to have more chances of taking home the jackpot.

Lady Luck

These are casino players who strongly believe in luck. They tend to play on particular games and even shift games when they feel some bad vibes. It’s not surprising for these players to be seen having a lucky item in their purse or pocket. In fact, they take simple instances as a sign of either winning or losing a game and they act accordingly.

Are you one of these characters? No matter what type of player you are, ensure you play in a reputable casino. Check out m w88 for more casino tips and tricks.

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